Polenta Sandwich

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Total time: 45 min

For the polenta:

For the vegetarian abundance:

For the meat filling per person:


For the polenta sandwich, mix well the polenta semolina with the spelt flour.

Bring the water to a boil with the butter and salt. Boil in the cornmeal and reduce to a simmer until thick, stirring often. Set aside to cool. While still lukewarm, stir in the eggs.

Roll out the mixture into a rectangle between sheets of plastic wrap. Cut squares of equal size from it. Heat canola oil in a frying pan, brush the polenta pieces with the beaten egg and fry over medium heat until light brown on both sides.

For a Vegetarian Polenta Sandwich:

Blanch washed spinach and rinse in cold water. Melt butter in a skillet, add garlic and toss leaves in it, salt, pepper and season with nutmeg.

Marinate tofu with soy sauce, cut into slices and fry in fat.

Fill two polenta pieces with spinach, tofu and soy sauce. Cut in half to make triangles and garnish.

Serve extra soy sauce on the side.

For a meat polenta sandwich:

Salt chop cubes and fry briefly in fat until brown. Season with parsley and pepper.

Top a fried polenta piece with tomato slices, bell pepper strips and the meat. Garnish nicely and serve the polenta sandwich with pumpkin seed pesto or a cocktail sauce.

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