Poppy Seed Strudel

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Total time: 1 hour



Make the yeast dough and let it rise. Grind the poppy seeds and mix with the sugar. Heat the honey (or syrup).

Scald the rusk with hot milk so that a thick porridge is formed. Add the honey and the poppy seeds. Blanch the whole again with hot milk. Add the eggs, almond kernels and raisins.

Roll out the dough (width=length sheet, length a little longer than the width). Spread the poppy seed mixture evenly on the dough, leaving a margin around the dough (about 2cm). Brush this edge with milk.

Then roll up and press the ends well together and place on a greased baking tray with the dough end downwards. Bake at about 150 °C for about 45 minutes until the strudel is brown.

Preparation Tip:

The filling also tastes great in the puff pastry coating

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