Game Style Duck

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Total time: 45 min





When venison is missing…

Game meat is already rare today and will certainly become rarer and more expensive. However, there is, and has been for quite a long time, a means of giving non-game meat an aroma that is deceptively similar to game meat. This is achieved by an appropriate combination of marinades and spices, among which dried juniper berries play a leading role.

Below is a recipe with the much appreciated flavor and aroma of venison: duck in venison style.

Of the domestic fowl, only the duck is suitable to be prepared like wild game. Since the duck is pickled before roasting, older birds can be used, because the meat becomes tender in the pickling anyway. The duck must be meaty, as fat and fattened animals are not suitable for this type of preparation.

The pickle is made from red wine, the juice of one lemon and a tiny bit of lemon peel, grains of pepper and new spice, slightly crushed dried ginger, cloves, juniper berries, bay leaf spice, onion, vegetables and waterr. Pour boiling hot water over the vegetables and onion, cook for 30 minutes, then add the spices, wine, juice of one lemon and a small piece of thin lemon peel. Let it boil again for a short time, cool down and pour it over the cleaned duck. Older ducks need to be in the marinade for 3 days, younger ones only 48 hours. During marinating, turn the bird over from time to time.

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