Stuffed Vine Leaves with and without Meat

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

Without meat:

With meat:


(Dolmadakia) _Info:_

Stuffed vine leaves are the ideal summer feast. You can find them in every Mediterranean snack bar around the corner. Some come from a can, but they taste really delicious and almost refreshing when they are made by hand, knows our Greek gourmet Jannis Skouras.

Naming: The Greek name Dolmadsskia originally comes from Turkish: dolmss means ‘filled’, filled are e.g. cabbage or lettuce leaves, but dolmadsskia are already from the name always the filled ‘little ones’, and meant are always vine leaves.

Vine leaves: – Vine leaves for stuffing can be bought fresh or also pickled at many weekly markets. Important: The vine leaves should not be firm like approximately cabbage leaves, but soft and tender. If you get firmer ones, blanch them briefly.

– Pickled vine leaves from the jar are always pickled in brine. Here it is worthwhile to water the vine leaves extensively. – It depends on the size: for stuffed vine leaves without meat choose smaller vine leaves, no more than 4-5 fingers in size, for vine leaves with meat filling calmly choose larger specimens.

Filling: The most important ingredient of the filling is long-grain rice – if meat is also added to the filling, the recipe changes fundamentally.

_Stuffed vine leaves with long grain rice:_

In Greek called jalandzí, from Turkish: yalanc y ‘wrong’ so without meat.

If not already done

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