Ribbon Noodles with Ham Cream and Quail Egg

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Total time: 45 min



For the ribbon noodles with ham cream and quail egg, first cook the noodles according to instructions in plenty of salted water until al dente (firm to the bite).Meanwhile, cut the ham into strips. Beat the chicken eggs in a bowl and mix with whipped cream and parmesan. Season with salt, pepper and oregano. In a large frying pan, heat some olive oil and/or butter and slowly sauté the ham with garlic. Season with a pinch of chili if desired. In the meantime, in another small pan, fry bacon slices in a little olive oil until crispy.

Strain the pasta, which has been cooked in the meantime, and let it drain. Stir into the ham, mix well and let it heat up again. Season if necessary. Remove ribbon noodles from heat or reduce heat to a minimum. Quickly stir the egg-cheese cream into the pasta and season everything with pesto or freshly chopped herbs (but do not cook any more, otherwise the eggs will set).

Arrange the ribbon noodles with ham on preheated plates in such a way that there is a hollow at the top. Arrange the bacon in a ring in the hollow. Beat the quail eggs one by one in an egg cup and then let them slide into the hollow. (This way no shells get into the pasta!).

Garnish ribbon noodles with ham cream and quail egg with basil leaves and serve. (The quail egg is then mixed into the noodles only at the table).

Preparation Tip:

If you don't like raw eggs, you can also serve the ribbon noodles with ham cream with fried or poached quail eggs.

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