Duck À Liter’orange

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 6.0 (Portionen)



_A short hot bath in butter_ Clarify the butter, that is, put butter in a saucepan and let it melt at low temperature. Remove the foam that forms on the surface and carefully pour off the butter from the dregs.

The sediment consists of water and the precipitated proteins. Then fillet the oranges. Brown the duck legs in 20 grams of clarified butter in a frying pan at high temperature. Remove them from the frying pan and dry them with kitchen paper. Pour off the fat from the frying pan.

_Microwave instead of oven_ Filter orange liqueur mixture and fill into a hypodermic syringe. Inject mixture into duck legs in several places. Then microwave the duck for a few min. form.

In Thomas Bug’s case, this took five min. The cooking time of the meat depends on the cornstarch (maize starch) of the microwave oven, the size of the duck legs and their number. The instruction manual of your microwave oven will tell you at how many watts for how long which meat is cooked. Pour the juices that escaped during cooking into the roasting pan and warm the orange wedges in it. Bring to the table immediately. Bon appetit! Conclusion of Thomas Bug: “Quick and uncomplicated, very tasty in flavor, but you have to make slight sacrifices in the consistency of the meat.” Preparation time: One hour

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