Bruschetta with Sardines and Tomatoes

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)

For 4 servings:


Drizzle the slices of bread with the oil. Drain the tomatoes, crush them a little bit and spread them evenly on the bread, season with salt and pepper. Place the bread on a roasting rack and roast in the heated oven at 200 °C (gas 3 ) on the 2nd rack from the top for 15 min.

In the meantime, peel the garlic and onions. Cut garlic into very thin slices, onions into fine rings. Drain the sardines. Wash 1 lime in hot water, pat well and finely grate. Squeeze the juice and sprinkle over the sardines. 3.

Cut the second lime into thin slices. Place bread slices on serving plates, sprinkle garlic on top of sardines. Spread sardines evenly on breads, garnish with onion rings and lime peel. Serve with lime slices and black olives.

You can also shred the sardines with 2 forks and season with lime juice and pressed garlic.

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